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Professional innovation, people-oriented

Basic requirements for stage machinery design

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1、 Safe and reliable

There are many mechanical equipment in the space of the stage. During the performance, there are mechanical devices on the head and at the feet of the actors. The requirements for safety are very prominent, so the starting and stopping sequence of all kinds of machinery must be reliable. If there is a slight fault, it will affect the performance and cause an accident. Therefore, the safety and reliability of machinery must be carefully considered.

2、 Low noise:

The special environment of stage performance requires that all kinds of mechanical equipment should be noiseless or low-noise in operation, otherwise it will interfere with the performance and affect the effect and quality of the performance. For this reason, the noise should be reduced as much as possible in selecting the power, motion characteristics, component materials and structural shapes of stage machinery and equipment.

3、 Accurate positioning:

As a technical means, stage machinery serves various sports in the performance. Therefore, the parking position for lifting, rotating and moving of various mechanical devices is strictly required.

4、 Perfect control system:

The control system of stage machinery is very complex. The control system is generally required to be single control, centralized control, manual control and automatic control.